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All stories from Issue 11, published on November 3, 2010


  • General Studies Curriculum Undergoing Changes

      In an effort to improve both retention rates and student opinion of the curriculum, a panel of faculty and students are in the process of redesigning Shepherd University's general studies program. The program dictates the core classes Shepherd students must take in addition to their specific area of study's requirements.

  • Students Offered Opportunity to Get Published and Win Money

    “Sans Merci” Seeking Submissions

      Students could win $100 for submitting to Sans Merci, which is now accepting submissions through November 29. First place in prose and poetry will receive $100 each, and the best art submission will receive $100. Sans Merci is Shepherd's annual undergraduate creative literary and art publication.

  • Art Building Stripped of Copper Panels

    A Complete Fabrication

      The Frank Art Center copper panels turned up missing the morning after Halloween; the incident was first reported by Shepherd freshman, Joy Hikes.  Hikes noticed that the Frank Arts Center looked odd which she described as a "relief." "I mean to be honest the puke color of the panels probably could have made me sick," Hikes said.

  • Pimp Arrested for Pursuing College Students

    A Complete Fabrication

      A pimp was arrested for an attempt to pimpertrate at a Dai Tai Rapus fraternity Halloween Eve party Saturday in Shepherdstown.  The pimpertrator, Cleatus Sampson, was apprehended by the police after pursuing many young women at a party to solicit sexual reproduction acts for money.


  • Campaign Finance: A Plutocrat’s Game?

      On January 21, 2010, the campaign finance world was rocked with the controversial Supreme Court decision known as Citizen's United Vs. Federal Elections Commission (FEC).  The Court specifically stated in the decision that "A provision of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act prohibiting unions, corporations and not-for-profit organizations from broadcasting electioneering communications within 60 days of a general election or 30 days of a primary election violates the free speech clause of the First Amendment.

  • Frank Art Center’s Handicap Inaccessibility

    A Change is Needed

      Picture it: you are injured. You can't walk without the assistance of crutches, or are confined to a wheelchair and can't walk at all, and you have class in the Frank Arts Center in ten minutes. You are outside of the dining hall on east campus and want to make it to class in time to hear the professor's lecture.

  • Registering for Classes is Nasty Business

    Why are classes so hard to find when we desperately need them?

      The end of October doesn't just mean Halloween. It also means that it's time to register for classes.  Students find this to be a hectic time, especially right after midterms. Finding the classes you need in order to graduate is tough.  Many classes aren't offered every semester, or every year for that matter.

  • Sexploits

    An enlightened response to, “That’s what she said.”

      I recently received an email in regards to a previously published article about penises.  The writer of said email had an interesting encounter with a gentleman that she thought I might be interested in; the gentleman she met was the Executive Director of a group called "NotJustSkin.

  • Free Mary-Jane!

    Marijuana’s Fight for Legality

      There are a lot of pot smokers in this country.  There are a lot of pot smokers on this campus.  Though marijuana remains an illegal substance in America, it has not stopped the industry for the drug to grow enormously.  The reason for the growth:  more customers.

  • Scream Awards 2010: Deserved or Not?

      Although the Spike TV "Scream Awards 2010" happened after I had written my Halloween themed article for the Picket, I decided to still address the award show because it was entertaining.  The Scream Awards are the awards that go to specifically horror, sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, and gaming-type entertainment.

  • Letter to the Editor:

    Concerning Relay for Life

      To Whom It May Concern: October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and, as it comes to a close with costumes and candy, it is important that we, as a school community, reflect on what that means.  Although celebrated specifically in honor of women, with pink ribbons and "save the ta-ta's" slogans, it needs to be realized that cancer in general remains one of the number one killers in America.

Arts & Style

  • Weekly Fresh

      Love and Tolerance Writer and pundit Dan Savage launched the It Gets Better Project in September after several gay and lesbian teenagers committed suicide because they were bullied over their sexual preference. This project was created to give hope to young gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people that they too can have a happy future.

  • To Withdraw or Not to Withdraw

      It is now officially that time of the semester: Students have until November 5th at high noon to withdraw from classes. Though this deadline is meaningless to some, it can make or break graduation dates for others. Just like any issue, though, there are positives and negatives to be had for taking the dreaded 'W' on your transcript.

  • Ailey II Comes to Shepherd

      People filled the Shepherd Frank Center to see the highly talented dancers of Ailey II perform. The performance by Ailey II consisted of 4 acts, all of which had their own diverse style. The first began with slow elegant movements by the dancers that showed off their flexibility and nimbleness.

  • benderspic

    Captain Benders Tavern

    In the surrounding areas, the criteria for critiquing an eatery are heavily based on location, history, and most important affordability. Upon dining at Bender's, it became apparent that accomplishing satisfaction on all three levels was, in fact, possible.

  • Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley

    Bridges comics and gaming almost flawlessly

      To make a long review short, every person who loves both comics and video games should play Comic Jumper. The somewhat short game is filled to the brink with clever writing, excellent voice acting, and an interesting art style which all leads to one of the best potential downloads available on the Xbox Arcade.

  • Fallout: New Vegas

      Fallout: New Vegas is a well-made extension of the Fallout franchise that all fans should give a try. Though it is not a true sequel to 2008's Fallout 3, it certainly has enough material included in it to warrant purchase. For the uninitiated, the Fallout series takes places in an America that has been devastated by nuclear war with China.

  • Paranormal Activity 2

      The things that go bump in the night are back with a yawn-inducing vengeance in the highly-anticipated Paranormal Activity 2. The sequel to Paranormal Activity hit theatres on October 22nd to much critical acclaim. It gained a surge in popularity after releasing several clips on YouTube (although many of the clips shown were not in the actual film).