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What Are They Feeding Us?

Published: Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Updated: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 23:02


The Dining Hall has been known for its questionable cuisine.  However, has it ever been so bad that kids stop eating there?  The answer is: yes.  It has come to the point where students are deciding to avoid the Dining Hall and eat elsewhere.  There are still nights or days when the tables there are full, but the numbers dwindle quickly as the days press on.

Recently, there have been a striking number of students succumbing to illness after eating at the Dining Hall.  Is this a coincidence?  Rumors around campus say that approximately 30 students have been sick after eating there, but the source cannot be confirmed.  The Dining Hall may not be causing this illness among students.

The sickness causes vomiting and other excretions that are better left unsaid.   One of my close friends has experienced this and it only lasted a day.  I had to take Gatorade to him just so he could replenish his fluids and feel human again.  Was it a 24 hour stomach virus or food poisoning?  Many others linked to my circle of friends have experienced similar symptoms.  Shepherd did release an email stating that a stomach bug was circulating around the campus, but is that really the proper name for it?

Without being able to confirm any of the rumors, it is unclear what the cause of these mysterious stomach bugs are.  Personally, I have never truly enjoyed eating at the Dining Hall and I find very few nights to be as appetizing as eating at the Den or Bistro, or even somewhere in town like Maria's Taqueria.

Whether or not the meal plan's use at the Dining Hall is worth it isn't the point.  The point is: is the Dining Hall making students sick?  Not everyone has experienced these symptoms, so there may be no reason to panic.  However, be sure that whatever you eat has been properly cooked.

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