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The Drunk, High and Unemployed Tour

The Trailer Park Boys come to make their riches in D.C.

Published: Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 01:02


Imagine someone with the I.Q. and class of a Jerry Springer guest's entrepreneurial ideas put into a live comedic skit.  This is the basis of the Drunk, High and Unemployed tour put on by three cast members of the Canadian television series The Trailer Park Boys.  

The Trailer Park Boysis a ‘mockumentary' about the hardships of the three main characters to become ‘ballers,' usually with dumb rich quick schemes that involve illegal activity – often by stealing and growing marijuana.  The illegal activity isn't what makes it funny, but mostly the way they try to get away with it.  For example: shipping marijuana into the U.S. via an electronic train set they stole from Patrick Swayze.        

The live tours are an extension of the television series in plot and characters.  What makes the show a ground breaking show is how hard the writers try to make you believe that these characters are based real people.  During the television show they often have the film crew help with something they are doing to make it seems like these events are really unfolding as you watch them.   

Three members of the cast, Bubbles, Ricky, and Julian, are flawless in never breaking character in the live show.  The Drunk, High and Unemployed Tour has the same premise as the television series: how to make dat money or look stupid trying.

The initial scheme is by Bubbles who is making an audition tape to send off to Jackie Chan to be in one of his movies.  Are You Smarter than a First Grader? is part of Bubbles' audition tape.

One of the questions is "how many bones are in the body?" and "420" was the guess of three of the audience volunteers.  This answer defines the type of crowd that attended this show – a little drunk and possibly a little something else.  The age range was mainly people in their twenties, and given it was on George Washington University Campus, this wasn't surprising. There were also people in their forties to their sixties looking as if they may have come from an actual trailer park themselves.

Ricky's scheme was to start a school called "Church School of Freedomers".  "Freedomers" isn't a word, but that is part of Ricky's character as he often misuses and mispronounces words and sayings.  Examples from the show are:  "Get two birds stoned at one" or "that is what it is all about trial and denial."  In the live show over the projector connected to a camcorder, the characters pass around through the whole show; they show Ricky's text book that is written and drawn in crayon.  One of the facts is: "Whoever named guinea pigs is stupid.  They don't taste anything like bacon".

These characters and show has been over the top.  Usually in the tour Julian sells $10 hot dogs, but he couldn't do it in the Lisner Auditorium at GWU because it was against health code –demonstrating a little bit of U.S. up tightness.  The Trailer Park Boys aired on DIRECTV.  Aside from DIRECTV, though, it was shortly aired on BBC as a censored version.  It is fortunate that technology is what it is today so we don't have to miss out on something that may seem naughty but is really poking fun at the stupid things some poor people do to make money by exaggerating the situations.  They show does use an excessive amount of the word "fuck"; but honestly, who the fuck doesn't? 

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