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Egypt’s Revolution

The Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) at Shepherd University, led by student Robby Glenn, gave an overview of recent events in Egypt and how media coverage has portrayed it. Full story

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Vagina Monologues Coming to Shepherdstown

The Vagina Monologues are coming to Shepherdstown this March, thanks to directors Elizabeth Barker, Katy Cousino, and Mindy Sizemore. Scheduled for the first weekend of March, the girls have been working tirelessly with Shepherd University to raise awareness of women's rights. Full story

Recent Articles

  • Sexual Harassment and Assault on Campus

    How to Protect Yourself

      Despite recent incidents of sexual assault on campus, representatives from the health center and the Shepherd University police department say that students are still safe. The Shepherd University Police Department recently released a campus security and fire report for the month of January which contained two reports of sexual assault and one case of harassment on campus. 1 comment

  • ALLIES Sets Focus On Future Goals

      ALLIES, an on-campus student organization, continues to work toward their goal of making an impact on Shepherd students and their surrounding environment. ALLIES promotes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) rights and awareness through different campus activities.

  • SEO President finds her niche at Shepherd University

    Story of a Student’s Leadership and Environmental Activism

      Two year old Kristen Trevey runs to the ocean fearless then is immediately knocked down by a wave.  Eighteen years later, Trevey is an environmental science major at Shepherd University with a desire to be a Marine Ecologist. "Honestly I'll be happy as long as I get to splash around and examine living organisms and ecosystems.

  • Owner of Source Aims to Make a Difference

      Scattered water bottles, backpacks and other trash dumped by U.S. cruise ships into the Caribbean interrupted the view off the shore of the Yucatan Peninsula, inspiring current Shepherdstown shop owner, Karen Valentine, to take environmental action.

  • Five Ways to Survive Valentines Day

    A Guide for Singles

    The time of year is here once again when commercialized love is in the air. Single people everywhere feel especially lonely on one dreadful date, February 14. Valentine's Day, also known as "Singles Awareness Day", is a scam put on by greeting card companies, floral delivery services, and the makers of those disgusting candy hearts featuring sappy declarations of affection.

  • The Rise of the Reader

      The Amazon "Kindle" and the Barnes & Noble "Nook" are two eReaders forcing a change from the way in which textbooks are traditionally treated in a classroom. For the uninitiated, eReaders are devices that can download books directly onto themselves, allowing the user to create a portable library.

  • pikileakspic


    Keeping the Student Government Open

      Notes from the February 8th meeting of the Student Government Association:   Singing Valentines are available from the Music Honor Fraternity.  The songs are very sweet and melt women's hearts.  Several females were serenaded and left feeling warm and gooey.

  • New Organics Store in Shepherdstown is Welcome Addition

      When you enter Raw Earth Organics you are greeted with a gentle smell of candles and a timber wolf pup.  The bright little store has shelves of miscellaneous organic products, ointments and beauty products, with a larger section for food.

New Core Curriculum Framework

Click below to view the 14 page PDF document that outlines the new proposed General Studies requirements for Shepherd University students